Orange 600PCS 1W Zener Regulator Diode Kit


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  1. Zener voltage: 1W Zener regulator diode can range from 2.4V to 200V, depending on the specific model.
  2. Maximum power dissipation: 1W Zener regulator diode, the maximum power dissipation is 1 watt.
  3. Operating temperature range:  1W Zener regulator diode can typically range from -65°C to +200°C.
  4. Reverse leakage current:  1W Zener regulator diode, the reverse leakage current is typically very low, in the range of a few microamps.
  5. Voltage tolerance:  1W Zener regulator diode can typically range from ±5% to ±20%, depending on the specific model.


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Brand: Orange
Category: Orange Electronic Component Kits

This is Orange 600PCS 1W Zener Regulator Diode Kit. With a wide range of items offered by the brand, Orange has attracted a lot of attention since our company’s debut. ORANGE Kit is an insertion of a new product line from our vast expertise and knowledge base from past years. Here in this kit, we are presenting a wide range of the most popular combo products.  At the Orange brand, we’ve gained the confidence of our consumers and got excellent comments for our Battery, Proximity sensor, Motor, BMS, and other products. When it comes to our own brands, Robu Labs tests them all before they are launched.

In this kit, you will get a variety of electronic components that can be used to construct or enhance your knowledge. The kit contains a wide range of Zener diodes.


  1. Zener breakdown voltage: This is the voltage at which the diode starts to conduct in the reverse direction. The Zener voltage is carefully controlled during manufacture and determines the voltage regulation characteristics of the diode.
  2. Maximum power rating: The maximum power that can be dissipated by the diode without damage. In the case of a 1W Zener regulator diode, the maximum power rating is 1 watt.
  3. Junction temperature: The temperature at which the diode junction will reach thermal equilibrium under maximum operating conditions.
  4. Reverse leakage current: The small amount of current that flows through the diode in the reverse direction when it is not conducting.
  5. Forward voltage drop: The voltage drop across the diode when it is conducting in the forward direction. For a Zener diode, this voltage drop is typically very small.
  6. Package type: The physical package in which the diode is housed, such as a DO-41 or SOD-123.
  7. Reverse recovery time: The time it takes for the diode to return to its non-conducting state after being subjected to a reverse voltage.
  8. Voltage tolerance: The range of allowable variation in the Zener voltage. A tighter tolerance allows for more precise voltage regulation.
  9. Maximum reverse current: The maximum current that can flow through the diode in the reverse direction without damaging it.
  10. Operating temperature range: The range of temperatures over which the diode can safely and reliably operate.

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Orange Kits, Specifically Designed For Hobbyists And Enthusiasts Interested In Learning About Electronics And Building Their Own Electronic Devices

Packages Include:

1 x 1N4727A 3V0=20pcs
1 x 1N4728A 3V3=20pcs
1 x 1N4729A 3V6=20pcs
1 x 1N4730A 3V9=20pcs
1 x 1N4731A 4V3=20pcs
1 x 1N4732A 4V7=20pcs
1 x 1N4733A 5V1=20pcs
1 x 1N4734A 5V6=20pcs
1 x 1N4735A 6V2=20pcs
1 x 1N4736A 6V8=20pcs
1 x 1N4737A 7V5=20pcs
1 x 1N4738A 8V2=20pcs
1 x 1N4739A 9V1=20pcs
1 x 1N4740 A10V=20pcs
1 x 1N4741A 11V=20pcs
1 x 1N4742A 12V=20pcs
1 x 1N4743A 13V=20pcs
1 x 1N4744A 15V=20pcs
1 x 1N4745A 16V=20pcs
1 x 1N4746A 18V=20pcs
1 x 1N4747A 20V=20pcs
1 x 1N4748A 22V=20pcs
1 x 1N4749A 24V=20pcs
1 x 1N4750A 27V=20pcs
1 x 1N4751A 30V=20pcs
1 x 1N4752A 33V=20pcs
1 x 1N4753A 36V=20pcs
1 x 1N4754A 39V=20pcs
1 x 1N4755A 43V=20pcs
1 x 1N4756A 47V=20pcs


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Orange 600PCS 1W Zener Regulator Diode Kit

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