6-30V 1-Channel Power Relay Module with Adjustable Timing Cycle

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  1. Operating voltage: 6-30V
  2. Time interval:0.1 s (minimum) ~ 999 min (maximum) continuously adjustable.
  3. Trigger Signal Source: High-Level Trigger (3.0 V-24 V)
  4. Output Capacity: can control no more than DC 30V 5A AC or 220 V devices 5A
  5. Optocoupler Isolation.


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Brand: Generic
Category: Relay Modules

It is 6-30V 1-Channel Power Relay Module with Adjustable Timing Cycle Switches with Digital LED display .It is mostly used in Home Automation Delay Timer Control Switch Module Timer Controller. The Relay Module operates at an Operating voltage range of 6-30V, also it supports micro USB 5.0V power supply.  Output capability: Can control the device within DC 30V 5A or AC 220V 5A. It can be applied to many fields as there is a wide range of application.

Operation Mode:
  1. P1: Trigger signal, the relay is on “OP” time, and then disconnect; Within the “OP” time, proceed as follows:
  2. P1.1: the signal is triggered again, invalid
  3. P1.2: the signal is triggered again, re-clocking
  4. P1.3: Signal has triggered again, the relay is disconnected, stop the clock;
  5. P-2: Trigger signal, after the “CL” time is off, the “OP” time is on. When the timing is completed, the replay will be disconnected;
  6. P3.1: Trigger signal, after the “OP” time is on, the “CL” time is off, then cycle the above actions. If trigger signal within the loop, the relay will be disconnected and stop the clock. The number of cycles ( “LOP “) can be set.
  7. P3.2: No need to trigger the signal after powering up, the “OP” time is on, the “CL” time is off, then cycle the above actions; The number of cycles ( “LOP “) can be set.
  8. P-4: Signal holding function. If the signal is triggered, timing is cleared, the relay remains on; when the signal disappears, the relay will be off when the “OP” time is over; if another signal is triggered during timing, timing will be cleared.
How to choose the time interval:
parameter Introduction: OP power over time, turn off time CL, LOP cycle times (1-999 times, “—” is unlimited cycle)
1. In the selection of parameter set interface mode, and press the STOP button to select the time.
(1)xxx. if the decimal point is in some place, the time interval is s-1 999 s
(2)xx. x is the decimal place is ten, the time interval is 0.1 s 99.9 s-
(3)x. x. x is the decimal point are all on, the time interval is 1 min-999 min
How to set the parameter:
  1. First, make sure relay operation mode
  2. According to the operating relay mode, the main interface (power module will flash current operating mode; standard mode P1.1, then come into the main interface); long press SET key two seconds and then choose and enter selection interface mode; by pressing UP, DOWN key to choose the mode setting  (P1.1 ~ P4)
  3. After selecting the mode, press short SET to set the corresponding parameter, then the parameter you want to set will flash (OP power in time; CL power off time; LOP cycle times, “—” is unlimited cycle ); by UP, DOWN to set the parameter value, support long press (increase or decrease quickly) and press slightly (increase or decrease of 1 unit); after setting the parameter value by short press the STOP key to choosing decimal place; choose the time interval (corresponding time interval is 0.1 s-999 min); Short press SET to set the current mode next parameter, the process is the same as above
  4. After the setting mode parameter, press and hold the SET button then hold the current configuration mode will flash, then go back to the main interface; define success parameter main interface: when the relay does not work, it will show “000” (no decimal point); the operating state relay, the screen has a decimal point

Mode Select Interface:
press and hold the SET key to enter; after setting, long-press the SET button back on the main interface
Activate Relay Mode:
  1.  ON: PO in power over time, the relay can be connected
  2. OFF: relay is not allowed to connect, when in the off state
in short main interface press the STOP key to achieve turn ON and OFF, the current state will flash; then back to the main interface
(this function is a function of a sudden stop, 1 key to turn off the relay)
Sleep Mode:
C-P Sleep mode: within 5 minutes, no operation; nixie tube will close auto display, and a function program well
1. Press and holding the STOP button for 2 seconds can achieve change from C-P to O-d; the Current state will flash and then return to the main interface
2. The relay contact is passive and electricity production; 1 channel has the control function on / off


  1. Optocoupler Isolation: improve the anti-interference ability, after the parameter setting, it will be in memory forever.
  2. Wide voltage power supply (6 ~ 30V), supports micro USB 5.0V power supply, easy to use.
  3. The interface is clear, simple, powerful and easy to understand, can meet almost all your needs.
  4. With emergency stop function (“STOP” button) and reverse polarity protection which can avoid burning by reverse connection.
  5. Adding sleeping mode, when the mode is enabled, if there is no operation within 5 minutes, the display will be turned off automatically, press any button will wake it up;
  6. You can set different parameters of OP, CL, LOP, which are independent of each other and are stored separately;
  7. All the parameter settings will be stored automatically when power is off.

Package Includes:

1 x 6-30V 1-Channel Power Relay Module with Adjustable Timing Cycle
SKU: 400057 Category:
Operating Voltage (VDC)

6V ~ 30

Supply Current (A)


Trigger Voltage (VDC)


Switching Voltage (VAC)


Switching Voltage (VDC)


Operating Temperature (°C)

-40 to 85

Storage condition (℃)

-40 to 80

Length (mm):


Width (mm):


Height (mm):


Weight (g):


Shipping Weight 0.03 kg
Shipping Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 cm
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  1. chandramouli9139 (verified owner)

    excellent relay timer unit….working great with my motor unit


  2. Navin (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd buy…first one is using since eight months…no complaint.


  3. rmehta (verified owner)

    The response from the team is excellent while replacement and return. Product Quality: Good


  4. SRI INCUBATORS (verified owner)

    Good product


  5. parthahtrap (verified owner)

    Connected to work on both on and off positions. It’s much better than I had expected.


  6. parthahtrap (verified owner)

    Connected to work on both on and off positions. It’s much better than I had expected. Working continuously with two airpumps in aquarium to alter at every hour. Just awesome.


  7. ajaynagpal89 (verified owner)

    the module with multiple usage, is the nice produce at a reasonable price


  8. ajaynagpal89 (verified owner)

    The relay power module, with multiple usage, is a good product at reasonable price


  9. Gaurav Kumar (verified owner)

    Fantastic and good programmed product for mini projects Thanks for robu team for send and support really nice product

    Gaurav Kumar

  10. Gaurav Kumar (verified owner)

    Fantastic product for mini projects Thanks for robu team for send and support really nice product

    Gaurav Kumar

  11. ashokepatra1974 (verified owner)

    Nice product. Working fine as expected.


  12. anwarlakhewaliaaa (verified owner)

    Delivered today ,, good quality product,, using with 5 volt charger , controlling 220 volt AC


  13. chaplaakshay (verified owner)

    Arrived 3 to 4 days late but okey you deliver whatever i want✌?????


  14. DATTATREY THAKURDESAI (verified owner)

    I have same module in which the decimal is always visible whereas in this module decimal is only visible during run-time otherwise working to the expectations.


  15. tahzeeb3535 (verified owner)

    good module work very well good price


  16. kanifnathpalase (verified owner)

    fast delivery, nice product upto the marks, meet my expectations


  17. Ajish P K (verified owner)

    very good

    Ajish P K

  18. Robin (verified owner)

    I received really fast. Happy with the product. It’s rate is less than in amezon and Flipkart.


  19. Habeeb Rahman (verified owner)

    Fast delivery just 2days thank robu

    Habeeb Rahman

  20. Abdul Rehman


    Abdul Rehman

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