Unique Raspberry Pi relay board that stacks up to 32 relays
By: Vedant Sharma 1316 Views

Raspberry Pi relay board is available from the command line and incorporates Python drivers and pluggable connectors.... Read More

Power Pi- A UPS for Raspberry Pi boards
By: Vedant Sharma 3323 Views

A smart, low cost, and continuous power supply board for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer series.... Read More

STEMBoT 2—A STEM education bot
By: Vedant Sharma 983 Views

Intended to give creative robotic solutions for encouraging students into becoming familiar with programming, coding robots and robotics in general.... Read More

Geko-HAT The Raspberry Pi HAT destined for Robots and Smart applications
By: Vedant Sharma 915 Views

The core purpose of which is to help and assist all the makers, enthusiasts, developers, researchers in our Robotics and electronics community for making Robots or smart applications.... Read More